Annual anti-drink-driving campaign


This year rolls out online campaign to garner pledges.
Live-broadcast platform LangLIVE and PX Mart join the advocacy efforts.
Aims for accumulated pledges made by 160,000 people.
From 25 September onward, whoever completes online pledge via PX Pay will be awarded 100 bonus points by PX Mart.

According to data from National Police Agency (NPA), Ministry of the Interior (MOI), between January to June this year, there are 5,624 casualties within 30 days of drink-driving occurrences. Compared to 6,164 casualties of the same period last year (2019), the numbers have dropped. It is believed to be related to the decrease of social gatherings as a result of COVID-19. From January to April, there have been 27,345 drink-driving cases, a 15% sharp decrease from 32,224 cases of the same period in 2019. However, since the stabilization of COVID-19 pandemic situation in Taiwan in May, drink-driving cases have noticeably increased. In order to continue the advocacy against drink-driving and to avoid mass gatherings to minimize the potential risk of spreading the pandemic, this year, Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) suggests an online campaign instead. Participants include 14 international and local beverage alcohol companies, as well as live-broadcast platform LangLIVE, PX Mart, 55688 Designated Driver service, online illustrators and youtubers. Within a short span of 3 weeks, more than 30,000 pledges have been collected. The goal is to garner an accumulated number of 160,000 pledges. 

With the guidance from MoTC Road Traffic Safety Committee (RTSC), TBAF employs diverse campaign strategies to raise awareness on anti-drink-driving issues. In August, TBAF worked with online illustrators and youtubers to promote, through social media, the imperativeness of no drink-driving. Social media fans are invited to join the “I Pledge NOT TO Drink & Drive” campaign to show their concern about road safety. In late August, TBAF worked with live-broadcast platform LangLIVE to invite nearly 2,000 live-streamers to join the campaign and promote “no drink-driving” concept during their live streaming. These efforts will contribute to the safety of road users.  

Meanwhile, TBAF works together with PX Mart to reach out to even more people to jointly respond to government traffic policies. From 25 September onward, whoever signs up on the online pledging website and confirms their participation via PX Pay App, will be awarded PX Mart 100 bonus points. The cap is set at a maximum of 30,000 participants. It is the organizers’ earnest hope that the general public will join this campaign and make the pledge to show concern for the safety of all road users and realize a safe traffic environment.

To make a pledge, please go to the following website:

I Pledge website: 

The Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of responsible drinking and the prevention of inappropriate drinking behaviors. It was established in October 2000 by several European and American alcohol companies and media groups, with a primary focus on promoting a responsible and healthy drinking culture as its long-term goal. For more information, please check the TBAF website (

“No drink driving” and “zero tolerance for drink driving”! No matter what the alcohol percentage is or how much/little alcohol has been consumed, “no drink driving” should be observed by every citizen in this country. After consuming alcohol, one should take public transport, call a taxi or ask for designated driver service to ensure a safer way home and not burden one’s family or friends with worry.

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